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Real Life Drama Stranger Than Fiction: Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty

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Having spent the past month closely following the Casey Anthony trial, I felt the need to voice my opinion on it.  If this had been a stage drama or movie it would have been a flop-- with all the unexplained twists and turns, leaving the audience confused, angry and unfulfilled.
To get it out of the way, my gut tells me she did it. Luckily for Casey, judgments in America are not made based on gut feelings or appearances of guilt. Our Constitution and laws were set up to protect and provide for a fair trial: Innocent until proven guilty. We have to remember those words. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the jury: I don’t think the evidence proved beyond reasonable doubt that it was Casey that killed her daughter.

What the Evidence Proved:
·      Casey Anthony is a compulsive, if not calculating liar.
·      Casey Anthony is an irresponsible, self-centered young woman.
·      George and Cindy Anthony are both liars.
·      The Anthony family is extremely dysfunctional.
·      Caylee Anthony is dead and was either murdered, or horrifically disposed of, in an unthinkable cover up.
·      The body or remains of Caylee Marie Anthony were disposed of like garbage.

      The defense admitted in their opening statement that Casey knew her daughter was dead from the beginning. Still, no evidence was presented to prove or disprove whether the death was a homicide or an accident.

Casey Anthony: Tears for Caylee or for Casey?
What the Evidence Didn’t Prove:
·      Who killed Caylee.
·      When (date/time) Caylee died.
·      Where Caylee died.
·      What circumstances caused Caylee’s death.
·      Who knew about the death and participated in the cover up.

Without those answers, how can you prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt?

Accusations Made By the Defense That Were Not Proved:
• Caylee Marie Anthony’s death was accidental.
• Casey Anthony was sexually abused by her father and brother, George and Lee Anthony.
• George Anthony disposed of, or found someone to dispose of Caylee’s remains.

In my opinion, accusations made by the defense, not proven, in an attempt to establish reasonable doubt, were in themselves a criminal act. The court system exists to seek out and uncover the truth. I think the defense acted recklessly and should be held accountable.
Casey Anthony: American mother.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Important words. The media doesn’t uphold them. They are quick to judge long before any of the evidence is presented. As a society, I believe we are all so quick to judge, especially when any horrific crime is committed. We want immediate answers and don’t want to be left pondering an unsolved crime that leaves us feeling vulnerable. We want to feel safe. We want to be able to identify and lock up someone for a crime, allowing us to feel safe again.

Crimes Were Committed
No matter how you look at this case, or what scenario you believe, crimes were committed. Not just one, but many crimes were committed. A death, a cover up, evidence tampering, and perjury just to name a few. I’m unclear why the prosecution chose not to charge Casey Anthony with failure to report the disappearance and criminal neglect of a child. The evidence shows she is at the very least guilty of that.

Caylee Marie Anthony
No Justice for Caylee
Despite Jose Baez’s statement that there was justice for Caylee by the jury returning a not guilty verdict, “ Caylee would never have wanted to see her mother suffer this way” he told Barbara Walters, for ABC News

There has been no justice for Caylee. Her young life is over and no one is being held accountable.

People across American and the world are outraged over the verdict, angry with the jury and issuing death threats toward the jurors and Anthony family. Is this any way for a civilized society to react?

Porchlight Event honoring Caylee. 1.7 million people signed up in less than 12 hours. At the time of this publication, it stands at over 2.5 million participants.
Some people have united in several ways to channel their frustration and grief in a positive way. In the hours following the verdict, a Facebook event was created, Porchlights on for Caylee Marie Anthony, as a way for people around the world to honor Caylee’s memory. In less than 12 hours, nearly 1.7 million people had joined the event.

There are also several petitions available online to encourage state and federal legislation to be know as Caylee’s Law.

Final Thought
I think we will all find, as more and more of the main and fringe players in this drama speak publicly, there are so many pieces to this puzzle that may change many of our opinions and beliefs in this case. Casey Anthony faces years of civil suits based on her actions, which may prevent, or at least put a damper on her new celebrity and profiting from her daughter’s death. There is talk of prosecuting George and Cindy Anthony for perjury, and other charges have been discussed. Until the truth is revealed, there will never be justice for Caylee Marie.

If you want to explore this case further, ID Discovery has an excellent site devoted to facts, timelines and evidence at:

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