Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sourcing Creativity and Design In Entertainment Technology

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Finding useful industry resources is always a good thing. Especially as technology advances rapidly, trends change and more and more companies are offering similar products. One of my favorite places to turn is Lighting and Sound America (L&SA).

I was first introduced to L&SA through its slick, glossy, print edition offered free to industry professionals in the USA (and for a small shipping and handling fee worldwide). The magazine is gorgeous, visual and full of rich content. It is also available complete, in digital form.

Each edition of L&SA contains a wide variety of articles featuring different facets of the entertainment industry; and technology and equipment used in each application. I find this type of publication so helpful in keeping up to date and gaining a better understanding of the opportunities for use through the practical examples.

Want to know more about the latest advances in LED lighting? Interested in which sound engineers prefer what equipment and sound reinforcement? You’ll find it here through interviews with the professionals currently working across the industry.

In the October 2010 issue, L&SA explores sound and lighting technology through the Las Vegas’ City Center, pop musician Rihanna’s latest concert tour, The U.S. Army Soldier Show, and the renovation of an Off-Broadway theater transforming it in to a state of the art performance space.  Products and companies featured in articles are linked to sources throughout the magazine.

The L&SA website is a wealth of information and links to all the latest technology, equipment, manufacturers, distributors, seminars, workshops, conventions and a peek at the future of technology in the industry. You can even find links and information regarding employment and membership in professional organizations.

There are, of course, lots of advertisements and manufacturer placement; but it a perfect blend (with informational content) for the technician or industry professional looking for an excellent source to be kept up to date and stay ahead of the trends.

LIGHTING & SOUND AMERICA * Published by PLASA Media, Inc. and part of the highly respected UK-based Professional Lighting and Sound Association (PLASA), Lighting&Sound America is a monthly publication for lighting, sound, and staging professionals working in theatre, touring, clubs, themed entertainment, houses of worship, retail, and more. Lighting&Sound America is critically acclaimed for its high-quality presentation and in-depth editorial coverage, including the popular monthly Technical Focus section, New Technology, and comprehensive product reviews. 

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